Fortnite VS. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Which Battle Royale Do You Prefer?

If anyone has yet to enjoy the experiences offered by either Fornite or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this article will give you information regarding both titles and look at the major differences between the two to see which is a more fun and rewarding Battle Royale experience.

A major difference between the two is the inclusion of building within Fortnite. The gathering of resources can be utilized to create walls, platforms, and ramps, giving the player the ability to traverse environments with ease and to establish their own barriers and castles within combat. Building can initially seems odd, but the more you play, the more you will come to appreciate the strategic advantage. The building mechanics unleash the creative thinking each player possesses in order to construct the safe environment they deem necessary to become the victor.

The absence of going prone in Fortnite raises questions as it would aid what little stealth mechanics are present within the experience, especially with regards to the building feature. A stealth approach is almost non-existent when compared to PUBG as there is very little shrubbery and vegetation where players can evade opponents while traversing environments. In PUBG, players can quickly drop to a prone stance while in grassy plains or other various types of environments at the onset of any noise, letting enemies pass by clueless to their presence. This, however, is not the case in Fortnite as any abrupt noises will quickly lead to a confrontation as combat in an open area is hard to escape from, even with the implementation of building. All structures, trees, and rocks can also be destroyed, resulting in the constant fear of never being truly hidden or safe.

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Both titles offer a fun and exciting experience but Fortnite is more stable as PUBG still contains frame rate issues and random disconnects while playing. This can be extremely frustrating when you know you are close to enemies and trying to reconnect to see if you are still alive. Being disconnected while driving a vehicle will have the vehicle continue to drive forward so you will either hit a wall or structure as the noise gives your position away, or you will drive into water only to be killed by the cold blue emptiness.

Load times are faster on Fornite meaning players can enjoy the experience more quickly and the smaller map means each individual match will conclude at a decent time. PUBG matches can be significantly longer as the final individuals normally utilize a stealth approach as every move is then strategically thought out before taking action. PUBG’s map is also larger resulting in less players being grouped together when falling into a specific area of the player’s choosing. More popular locations will have several players dropping together, but more remote locations can result in only the player, and several minutes can pass before spotting a single opponent as there is much land to traverse. This is not the case in Fortnite due to the much smaller map. Dropping into a main city or area on the map will result in intense action and desperate movements to acquire weapons to remove any pending threat. The overall experience from PUBG feels more strategic as there are several factors that players must weigh upon before choosing a path to their next destination. I also found PUBG to be more difficult so becoming the victor felt much more rewarding. Your heart will beat faster as the pressure greatly intensifies upon entering into the top ten remaining players on the battlefield.

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The variety of weapons plays a large role in both experiences and Fortnite has a much deeper range to choose from. It also has some items that are not realistic, but are fun to see when used. Throwing a boogie bomb at opponents will force them to dance for five seconds or until damage is dealt to them, giving you ample time to initiate your attack. A recent addition is a grenade that will instantly construct a towered fort and it can transport you to the top if thrown at your feet. This will definitely give you a significant advantage in combat. Armour is acquired by drinking potions while PUBG uses various vests and helmets. Due to the size of the map in PUBG, you can utilize different vehicles to traverse the island much more quickly. While they are fun to operate, you will notice bugs that deters the overall experience and leaves you shaking your head as you are killed by a small pebble on the road or grass.

PUBG possesses an overall slower pace experience when players must be aware of their surrounding and utilize camouflage as they progress to stay hidden. Fortnite offers a fast-paced and chaotic action experience that will leave players wanting more. It is also the unrealistic intense nature that it offers that will have players sharing stories with friends and family about what transpired and it is through this storytelling that has led to countless newcomers to the experience on a weekly basis. Fortnite being a free-to-play game is also a key factor in its success across all platforms. To sum up, the main differences between the two titles are listed below:



-Building mechanic


-More accessible (Free)

-Less load times and quicker matches

-More exciting gameplay



-More realistic

-More strategic and stealth gameplay

-Larger map


-More difficult and rewarding