Fortnite Drew $3 Billion In Profit For Epic Games In 2018

After ramping up in 2017, Fortnite continued an upward trend and ending off 2018 flush with cash. Tech Crunch reports that Epic Games had a stellar year due to the success and popularity of Fortnite, leading to the company’s valuation of $15 billion USD. This news comes not long after Epic Games was granted funding by a private equity firm.

Launching in 2017, the free to play games made it’s fortune selling cosmetic items.  Add in the season Battle Pass which costs 950 V-Bucks or roughly $14 CAD. Battle Passes grant new skins, and sprays, as well as new gliders and emotes. Add in numerous daily items that circulate in the Item Shop, and you can bet that the estimated 200 million players are spending money to look their best.

The simplicity of selling items that enhance only your appearance while leaving the playfield even ensures the player base is given equal opportunity to succeed.

Epic Games is best known for their Unreal Engine, a third-party developmental platform which began in 1998 and is still a massively popular tool many studios use to this day. Games like Crackdown 3, Days Gone, Dragon Quest XI, Mortal Kombat 11, and The Outer Worlds, are in development with Unreal Engine 4.

China’s Tencent also has became an investor in 2012 an owns a 40 percent stake in Epic Games. There’s also several private equity firms invested into the studio.