Forspoken In Tanta We Trust

Forspoken’s ‘In Tanta We Trust’ DLC Launches In May

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have announced downloadable content for Forspoken. The DLC will arrive in May and is called In Tanta We Trust.

Luminous Productions may be folded into its parent company but the studio is working on the prequel content set 25 years before the events of Forspoken. Frey continues to search for a way to stop the Break from destroying Athia, however, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious voice that leads her to the past where she experiences the Purge of Rheddig, a legendary battle that ravaged Athia and droves the Tantas to go insane. Frey is accompanied by Tanta Cinta and with her new magical abilities must search for answers to save Athia.

Whether or not the downloadable content closes the book on Frey’s adventures is still up in the air. Square Enix has a solid enough foundation to build on if any potential sequel is developed. Sure, there are some lingering issues with Forspoken but I had fun with the mechanics and found the magic parkour and skills to be entertaining. The story also had some interesting moments that I feel this DLC could flesh out. However, given Square Enix said sales were ‘lacklustre,’ it really seems like we may not see more beyond this prequel content.

In Tanta We Trust is set to launch on May 26 with Digital Deluxe owners gaining access on May 23.