Luminous Productions' Forspoken

Forspoken’s Cinematic Trailer Is Here

Square Enix and Luminous Productions are gearing up to launch Forspoken later this month. Today, a new cinematic trailer has launched giving players a new look at the story and characters Forspoken will include.

The trailer focuses on Frey Holland’s role and her adventures in the world of Athia. Last year, I previewed an early look at the game speaking to the developers and what went into the follow-up to Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix has been doing some incredible work in recent years, with a large slate of incredible games launching in 2022, each one having a demo available to give players an idea of what to expect. Demos are increasingly rare these days so when we do receive one for a big game, it’s a bit of a shock to be able to play a slice of any video game these days.

In the case of Forspoken, the demo that launched in December has been a mixed bag for many. While I came away feeling positive from the demo, it also has no tutorials for many of the systems in-game, leaving players feeling disappointed and willing to pass on one of the first big launches of 2023.

Forspoken launches on  January 24, 2023.