Forspoken Launches May 24, 2022

Square Enix and Luminous Productions were on hand at The Game Awards today to reveal when players can expect to play Forspoken: May 24, 2022.

The latest trailer does a wonderful job at introducing players to Frey Holland, a young woman from New York who is transported to the world of Athia, a place on the brink of destruction.  With her new supernatural powers, Frey must learn who to trust and who the benevolent Matriarchs, the Tantas want. Frey must learn to master her powers to stop the Tantas.

“The Tantas are the former rulers of Athia. Each embodies a different virtue and possesses a unique strength. They were once beloved by the people of Athia, who enjoyed lives of plenty under their guidance. However, without warning, the former protectors mysteriously became oppressors, becoming aggressive and hateful. As the most powerful sorceresses in Athia, they pose a dangerous threat to Frey.”  says Raio Mitsuno, creative director at Luminous.

With the Break ravaging the once beautiful land of Athia, Frey is the only one who can face the corrupting force without worry. In the trailer, we see how magical parkour works, how spells and battles unfold and some of the enemies Frey will face in Athia.