Luminous Productions' Forspoken

Forspoken Releases Massive 10-Minute Gameplay Overview Trailer

During Gamescom 2022, Square Enix released 10 minutes of footage for its upcoming open-world action RPG Forspoken which is set to release very early next year and the video showcases an overview of the game’s many aspects including Forspoken‘s protagonist Frey, story, gameplay like combat, traversal, magical abilities, city hubs, quests, exploration, and much more.

Forspoken is very much an isekai in the AAA gaming space with Final Fantasy energy to it in both budget and gameplay as Frey Holland, a 20-year-old black woman, cat lover and New York City native is transported to the land of Athia with a talking sentient Cuff around her forearm. In order to get back home, Frey must save Athia with her newly gained magical abilities from some major antagonist threats she must deal with along the way.

Forspoken was originally revealed under the Project Athia codename back in 2020 and the game’s official title was revealed later which was set to release this past May, at the time anyway. That obviously did not happen as the game faced not just one but two delays, from initially May to October and then was delayed straight out of 2022 altogether but isn’t too much of a wait as the game is only five months away from release. The game’s marketing has been too great with questionable choices, especially with a recent ad that the internet “roasted” them on, according to a Kotaku article.

Forspoken is set to release on PC and exclusively PS5 consoles on January 24th, 2023.