Rocksteady Studios Hundred Star Games

Former Rocksteady Developers Open Hundred Star Games

Two former heads at Rocksteady Studios have opened a new development studio, Hundred Star Games.

Hundred Star Games consists of around 100 employee

Per Polygon, Rocksteady founders Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker have opened the London-based Hundred Star Games, aiming to “make AAA games with “only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents”.  A listing on Endole, reveals Hill and Walker as directors. The studio’s website shows it’s hiring for open positions.

The pair spent nearly three decades at Rocksteady Studios working on titles like their first game, Urban Chaos, until most recently, Batman: Arkham Knight. 

In 2022, the pair announced they would be departing Rocksteady Studios. “Our decision to leave Rocksteady was emotional to say the least! From the day we founded the company in 2004 all the way to today, Rocksteady has been our life and soul. It has given us the opportunity to do what we love most: make great games with exceptionally talented people. We are so proud of the team here for the games we have all made together, from our first game Urban Chaos to the much-loved Arkham series, and now the epic Suicide Squad,” the pair said during their departure.

LinkedIn shows former Rocksteady staff have since moved away and joined Hundred Star Games.

Since leaving Rocksteady, Hill and Walker’s former studio has seen Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League hit with delays after middling fan reception. After initially being set to launch in 2022, the studio decided to delay to February 2, 2024.

Fans have not been kind since the unveiling as another single-player studio focuses on a Games as a Service title. Having a multiplayer title as the follow-up to Arkham Knight has disappointed fans, and recent press previews have been mixed to negative.