Game Platform Startup Forge Raises $11 Million In Funding, Set to Connect And Reward Gamers

Currently in Beta and is headed by both Crunchyroll and Cyence's founders

A new gaming platform has been announced with Forge, which is set to connect and reward gamers with achievements across multiple platforms as the focus of this new yet somewhat familiar take on the game community platform. Forge will give players a chance at weekly bonus rewards, ranging from Amazon gift cards to a brand-new gaming PC.

This gaming endeavour was pitched to investors and founded by the “first professional gamer,” Dennis “Thresh” Fong, Crunchyroll founder Kun Gao, and Cyence founder George Ng. The platform’s funding was raised in an $11 million seed funding round led by Makers Fund, BITKRAFT Ventures, and Animoca Brands, alongside other contributions from Hashkey Capital, Polygon Ventures, Formless Capital, and Adaverse. The three founders’ existing investors are also included in this new investment, which includes Griffin Gaming Partners, Riot Games, and Sony Innovation Fund.

“We wanted to create a platform that finally rewards gamers for being who they are, through their profile and history as a gamer, through their passion, engagement, and community participation. We feel very strongly that players should be able to control their gaming life. While Forge is just now entering beta, we already have an incredible lineup of dozens of games and partners who are looking to grow with us by giving gamers something special for joining their community,” Crunchyroll founder and Forge co-founder Kun Gao said in a press release statement.

Forge is initially based on a project within GGWP, an AI-powered game moderation platform first launched in 2020. While just announced, Forge is already in public beta, so you can sign up right now, connect your social media or gaming profile accounts, and check out what the new gaming community platform offers in rewards.

“At BITKRAFT, we are firm believers in Dennis Fong, Kun Gao, and George Ng and their vision to allow gamers to aggregate their gaming life and achievements into a single profile and earn rewards based on their participation. Its unique flywheel approach sets Forge apart, starting with carefully curated games and questing incentives to support community growth.” Partner at BITKRAFT Ventures, Carlos Pereira, added in a press release statement.

“This strategy creates an enriched user experience, driving more traffic to the platform and attracting games, studios, and publishers to join, resulting in a diverse selection of high-quality games expertly curated by Forge. Forge is not just a platform; it’s a catalyst for the next generation of player engagement and community growth.”

Players who decide to sign up will have access to a seasonal Season Pass, which comes with quests.  After completing a quest, users will earn XP and go up to the next level of the Season Pass, unlocking new rewards and more, including in-game content from Forge’s partner games like cosmetics, item/character unlocks, virtual currency, and early beta access.

Games partnering with the launch of Forge include Genopets, Mojo Melee, Pixelmon, Portal Fantasy, Rushdown Revolt and The Sandbox, with more to be added each week. Developers interested can join Forge’s platform by signing up here.