Forge Achieves Over 210K Registered Users And Promises 12 More Games Launching in Season One

Gamer empowerment and reward platform Forge has been out for a month now.


And the San Francisco-based services startup is sharing details of its opening month of business.

Two hundred thousand users across 182 countries have connected their gaming accounts to the Forge platform.

The community of one hundred thousand active users in the Forge community has already been rewarded for completing over two million operational missions on the platform.

Aside from earning badges like the limited edition founders badge, players can win weekly giveaways from partners like Amazon and in-game content from Forge’s partner games like cosmetics, item/character unlocks, virtual currency, and early beta access.

So far, there are nine partner games: The Sandbox, Blocklords, Pixelmon, Mojo Melee, Rushdown Reolt, Portal Fantasy, Ember Sword and Genopets. But Forge is promising that by the end of Season One in January, 12 more games will be supported by the platform.