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For Honor Prepares For Its Third Year With More Content

The fun but tough game For Honor is the type of gameplay that I’ve craved for ages. The first year was a bit rough but Ubisoft stuck by their fixed a number of characters, implemented changes, added new maps and all round made the experience much better. Today, we’re getting a breakdown on how the game’s third year, will play out.

Titled Year of the Harbinger, the third season will officially kick off on January 31. The new season will bring with it a new Knight Hero and map. From there, Ubisoft plans on slowly revealing more throughout the rest of 2019.

For Honor is drawing in around 15 million players, this is partly due to continual updates and the introduction of dedicated servers. The latest content drop, titled Marching Fire, introduced a new faction, 4 new heroes, a new 4×4 mode, significant visual enhancements and unlimited single player and more.

Also, the official Twitter account is teasing something to do with Assassin’s Creed.

I wonder what it could be? There’s a “full reveal on Dec. 20 at 12 PM EST on The Warrior’s Den livestream!” The Warrior’s Den is a live stream the developers h host to introduce the changes found within the game.