For Honor Announces Jormungandr Hulda

Ubisoft announced that Jormungandr, a new Viking warrior is joining the faction with the launch of Year 3, Season 3: Hulda.

If you already own the Year 3 pass, Jormungandr will be available beginning on August 1 at 3:00 PM EST, while those who don’t own the pass gain access a week later on August 8 and costs 15,000 steel.

Jormungandr are Viking sectarians who wear their devotion to the Great Serpent, after whom they are named, on their scarred bodies. Led by Hulda or Gretar, respectively the female and male version of the New Hero, the Jormungandr aims at crushing the weak before Ragnarok comes, as they believe only the most worthy must remain for the Great Battle. Wielding their mighty War Hamarr during fights, they cull their opponents with their powerful attacks.

Also, a new Breach map set within the Viking fortress of Storr Stronghold comes as part of the upcoming Season. And like previous updates, the Year 3 Season 3 update comes with a roster balance with new Hero updates to the Nobushi, Shinobi, Orochi, and many other Heroes.


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