Necromunda: Hired Gun

Focus Home Acquires Streum On, Developer of Necromunda

Focus Home Interactive has acquired Space Hulk: Deathwing and Necromunda: Hired Gun developer Streum On Studio and plans on adding more studios to its roster if this latest fiscal report is anything to go by.

“Over the past year, and particularly the past six months, we have profoundly transformed Focus Home Interactive, said Focus board chairman Christophe Nobileau. “Our Group now has an adjusted business model and a dedicated M&A team, as well as renewed governance, a strengthened Executive Committee and a retention programme for key managers. These changes allow us to invest much more in game development and to significantly improve our profitability, starting next year. On the external growth front, we are delighted with the acquisition of the Streum On Studio.”

Furthermore, Focus Home Interactive has strengthened resources and added an external growth team in charge of acquisitions. This group is in active discussions with several studios, with today’s announcement of Streum On Studio joining the family. Thanks to strong brands such as The Surge, Vampyr, Mudrunner, and A Plague Tale: Innocence, Focus has generated $257.2 million in revenue in 2020/21, up 20% compared to the previous period.

From the looks of these fiscal reports and consumer and critical consensus, Focus Home has found a perfect spot and is content with where they are. Now it’s about building the business up and continuing to deliver video games people want to play, and so far the plan has worked, Focus now needs to keep a steady pace.