Fobia: St Dinfa Hotel

Fobia: St. Dinfna Sure Knows How To Scare

Maximum Games and Pulsatrix Studios are working on the scares on hotel pricing by giving us a hauntingly impressive showing of Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel.

A new trailer today showcases a bit of the scares players will experience when the game launches later this year. If you want to sample the goods before that though, a demo is available on Steam.

The press release says St. Dinfna Hotel is a “decadent retreat,” but the trailer certainly has a perceived notion of what that word means. In any case, it’s likely less expensive to visit this hotel than an Airbnb and after seeing some of the listings on the rental app are far worse than the haunted hotel featured in the trailer.

Players will play as Roberto, a journalist who is soon caught up in a fight against the supernatural. Roberto’s investigation leads him to something dark, and bigger than he ever imagined. The developers say we’ll explore different worlds where” the past, present, and future collide” with tons of puzzles, mysteries, and conspiracies to keep you busy.