Flyhunter Origins Review

Steel Wool Games brings us Flyhunter Origins. A little bit of background information on the studio; the studio is comprised of former talent from Pixar including titles such as “Brave,” “The Incredibles,” “Toy Story”, “Monsters University”, “Ratatouille” and many others. I bring this up because as you play their new title you notice nuances like you would in any one of these Pixar titles and I love it.

Flyhunter Origins stars Zak; who is a clumsy and awkward janitor aboard an alien spaceship. He works on board the Flyhunter crew’s legendary spaceship; ‘The Frog,’ and Zak one day accidentally ejects the crew and the cargo and it’s up to you to recover both the crew and the cargo.

The game originally released on mobile platforms earlier last month and is now making the trek to both console and PC. I was happy to give this title a try after doing a bit of research on the studio and what the title looked like.

First off the levels are beautiful and playing the title on a mobile device does no justice to the game. Playing on a higher resolution console and screen is worth it. On a recent update on Steam, I have noticed a small, but welcome smoothing of the graphics that definitely help me enjoy the title better.

This being said, the levels are broken up into nicely placed sections and with some lovely third person races in between. These levels feel very old school and harken back to the old Super NES/Genesis era.


The platforming works well enough and is not too difficult. Every aspect of this game flows well enough that it’s a smooth ride start to finish. Sometimes a game you can coast through is welcome and I’m glad I could get through this leisurely and not feel frustrated at something I couldn’t finish.

Within each level, you have simple tasks such as collecting insect’s eggs, finding the hidden cargo and collecting insect (guts?) at the end you can choose to continue and upgrade your weapons. Did I mention you have a cool flyswatter? You can upgrade it as well as a laser gun and some other neat items too.

My few issues with the game include slowdown during gameplay, which hindered my experience quite a bit and really took away from my enjoyment of the game. Some patching down the line can, hopefully, fix this issue. I hope the lag is fixed on subsequent updates because it’s this is a fun game.

There is some hit box issues I had that were frustrating. The spiders in this game are have razor sharp reactions when I’m trying to get past them and I had an issue where I should not have been in their sights but I end up being sent back to the checkpoint because of this. The frogs as well would catch me with their tongue and I was well clear of their mouth too.

The only other issue is some of the voice acting was really distracting and I could not help but skip through the dialogue sometimes because how much it really bothered me.

Flyhunter Origins is a nice start for Steel Wool Games and is a good budget title for those looking for a high-quality game at a good price. The work of these quality animators shines through with Zak and his quest of returning the crew and cargo to the spaceship. In a time where so many games are taking extra steps to become complicated, Flyhunter Origins is a back to basics platformer that feels so good to play through. Give it a try.


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