Five New Games Coming To Apple Arcade Today

A new game from Chucklefish Games is coming to Apple Arcade, and it’s available today as part of five new titles available for Apple’s subscription service.

InMost is an atmospheric, story-driven puzzle platformer where you play as three different characters in a weaving storyline. You’ll play as a Knight, a monster, and a young girl. Taking place in an abandoned castle, you’ll need to explore the grounds and check every nook for secrets, while avoiding detection from enemies as well as traps.

Shock Rods is the second game out today from Stainless Games and is an action racer. You can play with friends in multiplayer, or against bots but the goal is to score points at any cost. There are modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag as well as signature modes like Shockball and Golden Ram.

Stela is from Canadian developer Skybox Labs from Vancouver and is an adventure game. The game is about a young woman witnessing the final days of an ancient world, which sounds pretty damn cool if I do say so. You’ll overcome challenges, deal with treacherous terrain and devastating beasts while making your way across the dying world. By manipulating the world and solving puzzles, you’ll make your way several environments in what is described as an “atmospheric experience.”

Mind Symphony is from Rogue Games and you’ll experience music and gameplay that will mentally and emotionally impact you. Using music set against unique gameplay, you’ll find an experience that makes you feel better. Included is a mode called Release that sees enemies and attacks timed to the music, with the intensity increasing the higher your score goes. Also, there is a Calm mode that uses the melody to match the timing of major melodic moments in various songs for a relaxing experience.

Decoherence is from Efecto+Rocket and is a strategy game. Youll build robots using a variety of components and then plan your strategy to win. You’ll fight as a pilot alongside these robots in PvP matches, as well as Entropy Tribunals, also know as the single-player experience with continual challenges, as well as rewards for you.