First Look: The New Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 Cellular Router


There are times where you cannot use standard computer equipment in “harsh” environments. For instance, let’s say you work in a mine. Or even in the oil and gas industries. You need technology that can stand up to the harshest of operating environments.
Most parts, like routers, get designed for operation within ordinary home and office environments. But when you’re out in the field, you need to use kit that is tough, rugged and reliable. In many parts of the world, communication is crucial when in such extreme working environments.


In areas where usual networking methods are not possible, you have to rely on high-speed LTE mobile data coverage. Siemens have come up with a brilliant bit of kit to help solve that problem. It’s called the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400.

What is the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400?


In a nutshell, the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 is a multi-protocol network node. It offers Ethernet switching, routing and firewall facilities. It also boasts a plethora of wide-area connectivity options.


It doesn’t use internal cooling fans. But despite that fact, it can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius! And it also offers IP40 protection.


Measuring just 88 x 120 x 150 mm, it’s a small form factor device that also provides the benefit of being rugged. It’s a compact Layer 3 device that one can use for large-scale, hierarchical networks. And it’s also capable of sending data from modern and legacy IEDs.


In the past, you might have asked yourself “where can i buy a high temperature LTE cellular router.” The good news is that devices like the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 are widely available. The RX1400 is just one of several models that the German technology firm have launched.


Why should you consider buying the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400?


Do you work in a harsh environment, or one where you get exposed to extreme temperatures? If so, you can’t rely on conventional technology. You have to depend on some kit designed for operating in harsh conditions.


Siemens are marketing the RX1400 to those that need such kit for their network infrastructure. Of course, you’ll want to know more about this network node in greater details. The specifications are as follows:


  • Ethernet transfer rate: 10/100 Mbit/s (auto-sensing) for industrial Ethernet;
  • WAN connection speed: up to 100 Mbps;
  • WAN protocols supported: EDGE, GPRS, GSM, UMTS, HSDPA+ and LTE;
  • SIM card slots: two;
  • Communications options: 4x RJ45, 2x fibre-optic gigabit ports (SFP 1000LX);
  • Console connector: DB9 serial; and
  • Weight: 2.5 kilograms.


The Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 can get mounted on a DIN rail. You can also panel or rack mount it too. As you can see, it offers a variety of installation options making it versatile for all locations.
Another feature of the Ruggedcom RX1400 is that it offers an SD card slot at the back. That means you can store application data on it. In short, if you need a rugged Ethernet node, the Siemens Ruggedcom RX1400 has got you covered.


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