First Look At Ratatan Gameplay, Kickstarted Pledged In Under One Hour

UPDATE: Ratatan’s Kickstarter is now live! The developers are seeking ¥20 million ($186,973 CAD) in funding for its next project with a closing date of Friday, September 1, 2023.

Kickstarter has many rewards for pledges, including digital copies of the game, Discord server titles, beta access, t-shirts, artbooks and more.

Pricier tiers include being added as an NPC, a physical copy of Ratatan, canvas art, a physical CD and more.

As of this posting, Ratatan has blasted past its initial goal and is sitting at ¥40,183,619 or $375,726 CAD.

The stretch goals include Online Mode at ¥50 million and Console Versions at ¥75 million, with more stretch goals to be announced.

Original story below:

Studio Ratata Arts has revealed a first look at the upcoming rhythm game Ratatan.

From Patapon series creator Hiroyuki Kotani, Ratatan is in co-development at TVT, with Kemmei Adach returning to score. The project will be on Kickstarter beginning on July 31.

Ratata Arts revealed new critical details about Ratatan, with the project looking to launch on PC first before landing on consoles as part of a stretch goal.

Ratatan will use rhythm and strategy as you control the actions of the cute army of Ratatan. Inputting commands on your controller, each button represents four music phrases and must be pressed in order so that a procession can begin and instructions are sent to your army. Additionally, characters equipped with musical instruments can unleash special abilities in battles.

Kickstarter has several stretch goals to expand the core gameplay with new systems, minigames, and modern modes. Ratatan is developing in TVT’s Theory Engine for a stable and expansive online multiplayer experience.