First Look at NBA 2K21 Next Gen Gameplay

Today, 2K Games has revealed a look at what NBA 2K21 looks like running on next-gen hardware, running on a PlayStation 5.

2K says this video is all raw gameplay that was captured on the PlayStation 5 and sees the Golden State Warriors face the Dallas Mavericks. Thanks to new AI systems powering the game, the crowd looks as realistic as ever and the new Rail Cam offers the gameplay in a “dynamic and visually stunning fashion.”

Check out this screenshot of Steph Curry:

NBA 2 K21 Next Gen Stephen Curry Mouthguard

Developer Visual Concepts is working its magic on NBA 2K2a and delivering some wonderful graphic fidelity. I wasn’t too sure how different or how much better next-gen would make a sports game but this image sold me on how different just a year makes.


With improved lighting, character models, animations and even physics, NBA 2K21 is looking to be a more realisitc and exciting basketball game.

NBA 2K21 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at launch.