First Look At Dragon Ball Game – Project Z

This weekend featured the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour finals in downtown Los Angeles. We got a few announcements about the popular fighting game from Arc System Works, namely a first look at Season 2 fighters. We also got our first look at the teaser trailer of what is a retelling of the Z saga as an action-RPG.

Bandai Namco revealed a first look at the upcoming action-RPG and while I’m not a huge fan of having a story that’s been beaten to death be re-told once again, I’m a bit curious about how the gameplay for this turns out.

Playing as Goku, the game is set to take us from the earliest moments like meeting Raditz, all the way to the Cell Saga. Buu is probably a maybe because that’s usually what ends up happening but I’m hoping we get it anyway.

Also, I do like how good the teaser looks and it is gorgeous but like I said, how many times can you tell the same story?

Project Z is set for release in 2019.