Our First Look at Dead Space Happens Tomorrow

Dead Space

Electronic Arts and developer Motive Studio are teasing an upcoming look at the Dead Space remake that’s been confirmed for tomorrow. The studio is promising what they are calling a “very early look” of the sci-fi horror survival on Motive’s Twitch channel at 1:oo PM ET.

I don’t expect we’ll see anything crazy tomorrow during the first look as Motive says it is an early development build but that won’t stop anyone on the internet from getting excited, that’s for sure. Dead Space’s senior producer Philippe Ducharme and creative director Roman Campos-Oriola will be on-hand to discuss the remake and talk about what the game means to them.

After months of rumours, the Dead Space was announced at EA Play Live in July. Aside from the brief teaser Motive showed last month, there’s been very little information available. We know the studio is aiming for a seamless game with no load times and expanded content that builds on the original, but the game won’t be out until at least the tail end of 2022.


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