[E3 2014] First Look at Batmobile Battle in Batman Arkham Knight


Today at Playstation’s e3 presentation they released new gameplay footage of Batman Arkham Knight. The footage shows the Bat leaving Wayne Towers in pursuit of Penguin. At the start of his pursuit Batman amours up, literally, while Oracle informs Batman of his destination. Fans can see the vast Gotham city and the detail as Batman glides through the city into his batmobile. For the first time, fans finally get gameplay footage of the batmobile in action and it transforms into a bat-tank? that is fully equipped. Now now Batman fan’s although we all know the Bat is against guns it seems as though his bat-tank fires out electric shock bullets. The batmobile action isn’t the only first for this trailer, fans can now put a gruesome face to the voice of Scarecrow, heard in previous trailers. Although Scarecrow looks completely different from previous Batman Arkham installments, he sure will be giving Batman nightmares.

In Batman Arkham Knight Scarecrow has returned to unite the Rogues Gallery and has enlisted the Arkham Knight and his immense military force to bring all-out War to Gotham City and destroy the Batman once and for all. The Dark Knight must utilize the Batmobile’s newly-revealed Battle Mode, as well as his full arsenal of abilities, to protect his city from complete destruction


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