Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour Adds Two New Contractors In Latest DLC

The latest DLC will be arriving on February 26 for Firewall Zero Hour and it features two new contractors, Jag and Node, three new weapons, face paints, camos, and trinkets. Jag has an ambush skill allows the player to bring three mines into battle, creating a more dangerous path for the attackers. Node is able to remote detonate C4 from the support feed once killed, increasing the afterlife strategy of any defense. These additions will definitely assist in achieving victory.

The team has also listened to the community and re-balanced the grenade launcher, XP earning amounts, skill unlock levels, and a crypto penalty for anyone who departs from a public match before it has ended. It is great to see a team continuing to work on improving the overall performance of their game, continuing the great PS VR experience that Firewall Zero Hour has to offer.