Final VR500

Final VR500 Gaming Headphones Aim For Affordable, Clear, and Comfortable Listening

The new earbuds hope to bring deep immersion

Finding the right headset is a big deal. Everyone’s ears and head are different, and each one of us have a preference for how we want our music, voice chats, and gaming to sound.

The new Final VR500 is launching with a promise of exceptional sound in an earbud style that will not break the bank and will allow any gamer or user to experience high quality audio.

Final has created a number of high-end, but lower cost headsets in the past. That includes, most recently, the E500 which cost less than $50 CDN. The new VR500 set is stepping up the game with what they call “sound image localization.” These powerful earbuds are designed to recreate the feel of a 3D space on a soundstage in order to heighten immersion.


Buying a solid set of earphones or a headset can be pretty expensive. It’s not uncommon to expect the “you get what you pay for” result. The new Final VR500 set will not sacrifice the quality that other companies do when the price is low.

There’s also “precision-tuned dynamic drivers” that will be able to create clear sounds even as they overlap; another way that Final says the new set will differentiate itself.

The wired headphone have been built for gaming in mind. There is a focus not only on the quality of the sound, but a high comfort level as well. This thankfully will allow you to play for longer without discomfort.


Each Final VR500 also includes a built-in microphone, perfect for in-game voice chat or phone calls. With the press of a single button, you can pause music, mute, and even skip tracks while listening top music.

Final also says the colour and design was a conscious choice. The matte black keeps the headphones clean as dirt and fingerprints will be far less noticeable.

If you want to pick up a headset, you can check out Final’s line on Amazon. They have been released through the online retailer and stores across the UK and EU for €34.99, or $50 CDN.