Final Fantasy XV’s Newest Weapon Is Called The Afrosword

The April 27th update for Final Fantasy XV will launch with a new weapon based on Dutch DJ, Afrojack. The sword resembles DJ Decks in the form of a greatsword. In addition to the Afrosword, the update will feature a few other things, including:

  • New “Stable Mode” added to the PlayStation 4 Pro resolution options. With this mode, you can comfortably enjoy playing the game with a stable frame rate.
  • Subtitles, as well as some menu screen text sizes, have been enlarged.
  • Timed Quests will start up again, and a new ranking feature has been added.
  • New car stickers added for Regalia customization.
  • New songs added to the music player.

This is the first timed quest with an item reward, the Afrosword.