Final Fantasy XV’s Exosuits Are Now Available

A few months ago, Square Enix delayed the Magitek exosuits due to the resemblance of the now released Power Ranger movie, and to prevent any issues with copyright, the company decided to delay the DLC to work on the final design of the exosuits. Today, with patch 1.13, we’re finally getting those suits, which grant a half hour of invincibility per day, after that requiring a full day to recharge.

This month’s update introduces:

  • New Magitek Exosuits – granting 30 minutes of invincibility per day for Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis to help players take on the dangerous creatures of Eos. Once invincibility has worn off, players can continue to wear the exosuits in-game.
  • A new quest, “O Partner, My Partner” – can be accepted from the Meldacio Hunter HQ after the player has completed Chapter 8.
  • A new “Cross Chain” collaboration system – allows players to severely damage strong, defensive enemies by increasing the number of linked attacks. The Cross Chain system is available once players acquire the two Royal Arms: the Sword of the Wise and Axe of the Conqueror.
  • Return of the beloved Moogle Chocobo Carnival – from July 31 to late September,  players of all levels can once again journey to Altissia for limited-time-only mini-games, Chocobo water races and special Moogle Chocobo menu items at the Square Enix Café.