Final Fantasy XVI

A Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Is Set to Release Soon

A lot of fans have been anxiously waiting for news regarding the next numbered Final Fantasy title after going nearly seven years without one. In a recent Uniqlo article game director Naoki Yoshida has mentioned that a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is nearing completion and could be out soon.

As mentioned in the Uniqlo article, Yoshida said that “Currently, development on the latest title, Final Fantasy XVI, is in the final stretch. As a single-player game, Final Fantasy XVI aims to unify the story and gameplay experience. Unlike online games, which portray multiple players at once, Final Fantasy XVI has an individual focus, which makes the story more immersive. And I think the story has become quite deep. My hope is that the adults who have grown up, understand the rules of society, and drifted away from Final Fantasy thinking ‘the real world isn’t as easy as a video game’ can remember the enthusiasm they had back then. That’s what we’re keeping in mind as we make this game.”

The news comes from a recent NieR Re[in]carnation livestream for the free-to-play mobile title.

“We have a finished trailer, but due to various circumstances its release has been a bit delayed,” said Yoshida. “I reckon it’ll be coming out very soon, though.”

We’ll report back once a trailer is available.