Final Fantasy 16/ Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Has Officially Gone Gold

Just Over Two Month's before the Anticipating Release

Looks like it’s just a waiting game to get our hands on Final Fantasy XVI as the game’s Twitter account has announced the game has officially gone gold – with only less than three months before the game’s June launch.

What going “gold” basically means is that the team behind the game has officially completed development on the 16th mainline Final Fantasy entry and that work will be printed onto discs. This journey has been a long time coming as Final Fantasy XVI‘s basic development has been done for a while with the game entering its “final stretch” of development last year.

Back in April of last year according to Gematsu, the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that this ending phase of development would continue in 2023 but thankfully it wasn’t that many months of work in 2023. This doesn’t mean that Final Fantasy XVI developers will be sitting on their thumbs as with most modern games,  bugs usually do pop up after development so assumedly between now and the release the team will continue to work and fix those bugs with a patch releasing on launch or hopefully before reviewers get their hands on the game.

Final Fantasy XVI is one of the hotly anticipated action RPGs of the year which is set to launch on June 22nd exclusively for PS5 consoles.