Final Fantasy XV Gets PS4 Pro Patch, 60FPS Goodness

Final Fantasy 15 Header

Square Enix quietly released the next patch for their latest hit, Final Fantasy XV. The long-awaited PlayStation 4 Pro patch released last night and the update brought with it both good and bad additions to the title.

If you’ve updated anxiously to get the hotly anticipated features many fans have waited months for, you might not find yourself enjoying what you got, as the update falls short on many fronts.

Prior to update 1.05, FFXV had two performance choices for those with a PlayStation 4 Pro: Lite and High. The recommendation was to stick with Lite mode, as High, while rendered at 1800p via a checkerboard technique, had major frame pacing issues causing an often times jittery image. I found the result to be somewhat offputting and stuck with the Lite option.

Booting up today to test out the new patch, the option to choose either Lite or High was still there, but Square Enix removed the frame rate cap for Lite mode, producing an unlocked frame rate that never quite hit 60fps as was promised.

High mode, however, still produces the same jittery image through its frame pacing issue, leaving many, myself included, turned off from playing with the High mode.

Digital Foundry reports that this update is a “retrograde step as opposed to a desirable upgrade.” The PS4 Pro is no longer being recommended to enjoy Final Fantasy XV.

To make matters worse, the Moogle Chocobo Festival is removed with this update, so make sure you finish up with that content before patching FFXV.