Final Fantasy XV Gets Character Swapping, More Episodes In 2018

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Final Fantasy XV, and Hajime Tabata hosted an Active Time Report with Marketing Manager Akio Otsuka.

To start, the multiplayer expansion, Final Fantasy XV Comrades, will see an update arrive on December 12. This patch, 1.1.0, will fix bugs and minor grievances like enemies not appearing, and issues with the inability to level up in some cases. There will also be Timed Quests, similar to what is available now in the single-player story.

Episode Ignis will launch on December 12 as well, which is the most story-dense of the three episodes released this year. Th

Lastly, the “First Anniversary Update,” will feature an entirely new feature, something I’ve wanted since launch, and am happy to finally see be implemented. In December, the update allows players to character swap between Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis.

The last tidbit was the reveal of more Episodes that will release in 2018, with the first one being Episode Ardyn, which will dive deeper into his story and the world through his eyes. Lunafreya may also get her own Episode if all goes well.


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