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Final Fantasy XV Director Will Lead A New Studio At Square Enix

Hajime Tabata has done a heck of a lot to get Final Fantasy XV out the door for Square Enix. While reviews were mixed (you can read ours here!), Tabata has done quite a bit for Final Fantasy XV and by the looks of it, he isn’t done just yet, with more downloadable content on the way and more coming well into 2019.

As of now, Tabata is working on more single-player DLC for Final Fantasy XV, and with that in mind, we know he has plans on working on a new project when he has the time to do so. With the announcement today that Square Enix is opening up a new studio called Luminous Productions with Tabata as the head of the studio, it may very well be now that his new project is coming together. The studio will feature a number of people who previously worked on on Final Fantasy XV.

I believe in Tabata after what he had to endure to get what was essentially vaporware into the product we have today. I’d even go so far as saying Noctis and the world of Final Fantasy XV are some of my favourites.