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Final Fantasy VII Remake Sells 3.5 Million Copies In 3 Days

Final Fantasy VII Remake has sold a combined 3.5 million units in the three days following its April 10 official launch day, Square Enix has revealed.

In the current pandemic we face, this is a stellar game launch that has been setback by delayed physical shipments and the lack of retail stores offering customers the option to shop in-person. It’s still impressive that even with all these obstacles that Square Enix was able to deliver on time for the most part. Logistic issues are a nightmare and in our current climate,ff it must be abysmal for those involved.

However, compared to Final Fantasy XV, the last major numbered title in the series, Final Fantasy VII Remake is tracking lower, as the 2016 video game sold 5 million copies on its first day alone. The original Final Fantasy VII has sold over 10 million copies in its lifetime and was the highest-selling game in the series until Final Fantasy XV.