Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Likely Coming to Epic Games Store

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently only available on PlayStation consoles. That soon may change if this recent discovery is anything to go by.

Navigating the database from EpicData, the unofficial Epic Games Store data tracker has some conspicuous information available for anyone to gloss over. Navigating to Pineapple QA (what a name) has data attached to it.

In particular, the “CloudSaveFolder” and also “CloudExcludeList,”  stand out because they say this:

  • “{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/”
  • “ff7remakedevice.sav”

Final Fantasy VII Remake had an exclusivity deal with PlayStation that ended exactly one year after launching on PlayStation 4.

In related news, EpicData also found tracker data for Alan Wake Remastered for HeronStagin. It’s hard to say what this all means because this could also mean nothing.

It could also very well be true and the reasoning behind that is simple: Kingdom Hearts launched on Epic Games Store this year and has proven to be successful on the platform. It really does seem like a matter of time before we see Cloud and company on PC.

As of this posting, any mention of Alan Wake and Final Fantasy VII Remake have been scrubbed from EpicData.