Final Fantasy VII Remake And Kingdom Hearts III Were Revealed Too Early

I’m still disappointed by Square Enix’s showing at E3, which was embarrassing for such a big company. We’ve not seen anything on games people are interested in, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, a game we’ve not seen anything on in almost three years, having shifted development internally after CyberConnect2 couldn’t meet the expectations from Square Enix.

In a recent interview with Italian website, Multiplayer, director Tetsuya Nomura acknowledged fans feeling uneasy and restless about the game, and for good reason, but he assured their fears by letting us know that development was going “smoothly” and the game was now in active development within the company. Nomura also agreed that Square Enix revealed the game ‘too early,” but felt that it revealed when it was because the word was getting around, so they decided “not to keep it a secret and officially reveal it.”

Nomura also agreed that Kingdom Hearts 3 reveal at E3 2013 was premature, and deciding on when to reveal your game to the public is a tough decision, but the studio “receives pressure from fans,” when they don’t announce anything, so they do what they must to alleviate that pressure.

I don’t like how Square Enix handles their Japanese games, at all, it’s always a mess and has been for years. That in mind, the internal studios need better guidance and the right amount of time to plan and prepare their games. Final Fantasy XV released in November 2016 to acclaim but did not feel complete at launch, and since then we’ve seen a ton of revisions and add-on content to flesh out the story. Square isn’t done with the game yet either, with four more pieces of downloadable content planned to run through until 2019.

Revealing games too early often leads to issues, so I’d rather not know about it until there is something worth seeing. As of this year, this is now the third year in a row where Square Enix has had nothing to show at E3, and it is leaving me with little patience on whether this project is a massive undertaking and one that I don’t know if the studio is capable on delivering on.