Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Releases More Character Details Alongside Red XIII Narrated Story Recap

Plus More on locations, attack and skills, a new summon, and more

Square Enix doesn’t hold off as the publisher has released a story recap for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that doesn’t just catch up with Final Fantasy VII Remake players on the story but also has released new information on its upcoming sequel that offers additional details on new characters, locations, attacks, a new summon and more, according to Gematsu.

One of the major Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reveals is a screenshot of the original game’s airship, the Highwind, in all its HD glory, hinting that we’ll not just see Cid join our party but get a late story sequence flying the airship at least we hope. Other screenshots from the game include another look at some of the game’s locations, like Kalm and Mythril Mine, plus an introduction to some new characters, which we delve a little into below.

Broden – Played by Mick Lauer (English) and Shinshu Fuji (Japanese)


Broden owns and operates the Kalm Inn and isn’t fond of Shinra, so he decides to help Cloud and the gang escape from the clutches of the corporate overlord.

Rhonda – Played by G.K. Bowes (English) and Rei Igarashi( Japanese)


Rhonda is the mayor and sheriff of Under Junon’s former fishing village, which fell in popularity after Shinra finished constructing its military fortress and sea-based Mako reactor. Also, like Broden, she is not the biggest fan of Shinra as even though Cloud and the gang are labelled as terrorists by Shinra, she allows them safe passage through her town.

Priscilla – Played by Reese Warren (English) and Rikako Oota (Japanese)


Priscilla is a resident of Under Junon who has made friends and trained a dolphin she swims with constantly. Ever since the construction of the Mako Reactor, Priscilla fears for the health of her Dolphin friends and the other creatures in the sea.

Billy – Played by Paul Castro Jr. (English) and Yuusuke Shirai (Japanese)


Going to the Chocobo ranch in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cloud is introduced to Billy, the grandson of the owner, Bill, who, alongside his younger sister, lost his parents at a young age and was later raised by their grandfather. Billy decides to teach our heroes the art of Chocobo wrangling on the condition they purchase some of his younger sister’s wares at her shop,

Chloe – Played by Trinity Bliss (English) and Hisui Kimura (Japanese)


The final character we learn about is unsurprising, but Billy’s sister, Chloe, is up next and sells crafting materials and other trinkets. She is described as a warm, kindhearted woman who is polite during conversations with customers, including Cloud and the gang. Under the surface, she is worried about Blly’s obsession with making money.


In addition to the character, we got a better look at Red XIII in gameplay with a showcase of his attack and abilities in screenshots. Plus, we’re introduced to  Aerith’s new unique ability, Ward Shift, which allows the flower girl to transport using sigils, giving more movement across the field. Players also got another look at the party’s synergies abilities, allowing two battle characters to deliver a powerful assault on enemies.


As players level up in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, more synergy between characters will pop up for a combination between your party members like Cloud/Tifa: Relentless Rush, Barret/Red XIII: Overfang, Cloud/Aerith: Spell Blade, and Cloud/Barrett: Mad Dash. Square Enix also revealed the game’s new summon, Kujata, which can deliver fire, ice, and lightning elemental attacks to enemies.


As you explore Final Fantasy VII Rebirth‘s much more expansive world, the former Shinra intern, Chadley, will ask your party’s help to understand the world better. Along your travels, you’ll discover treasures and natural wonders that help you accumulate data points, which will help unlock new materia. Players who get into Choocobo can find Chocoboutiques at the ranch, which are shops that allow you to customize and recolour your bird, helping you create your dream Chocobo. Additionally, if you’re looking to get into Chocobo races at the Chocoboutiques, you can equip gear to impact your race bird’s performance here.


As for the last Final Fantasy VII Rebirth detail, Square Enix Showed off a look at the game’s three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Dynamic. The latter will offer players a more constant challenge with enemies that grow stronger alongside your characters. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, prequel players will see the return of the Active and Classic combat styles, which gives players the option of a hand-off approach or one that focuses more on command selection for those fond of the original game’s playstyle.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively on PS5 this upcoming leap year on February 29th, 2024.