Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Season 2 Incoming

In November the mobile battle royale game Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launched, and it’s easy to forget it launched amid a busy month full of holiday celebrations. I’ve been playing it on my iPad Pro since December 10 and have been impressed by what this spin-off of one of Square’s biggest games brings to the genre.

Today, news has trickled out regarding the second season that has been confirmed and will likely feature Dragoons. Shoichi Ichikawa, a producer on Final Fantasy VII: The First Solider, has taken some time to speak about the game on the official website. Sharing data from a survey the team conducted last month, Ichikawa says that about 45% of those surveyed rate the game an 8 or higher. “This result was very encouraging for us members of the operation and development team. However, if you turn it over, more than half of them, about 55%, will have less than 8, so we must continue to make efforts so that as many people as possible can enjoy it in future renovations and measures.” says the post.


Given the game has been out for just two months, I’m certain we will be seeing improvements to the game that will give players incentive to keep playing. Ichikawa says the team is planning to continue to make “efforts so that as many people as possible can enjoy it in future updates.” Right now the biggest setbacks according to players are “operability”, “performance of each style”, and “matching”. 

Balancing is a big priority as it was a major complaint the players mentioned in the survey. On January 18, a new patch will deeply address some of these issues and will continue on January 21 with the President’s Cup, a new tournament going live with additional bug fixes and crashes being addressed.


I’m having a blast playing this on my tablet and find it strikes a good balance of nostalgia and innovation with the genre, I’ll be returning as often as I can and will be checking out the changes being added this month.