Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Will Bring The Entire Saga to Mobile

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Square Enix had several announcements today, including Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Over the last 24 years, the entry has seen a magnitude of spin-offs, remakes, movies across multiple platforms. Now, after a trademark earlier this month revealed Ever Crisis, today we now know exactly what that is.

Serving as a chapter-structured single player experience, the mobile game plans on telling the entire timeline of events of Final Fantasy VII. This includes the original game, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. Kazushige Nojima, the story and scenario writer on Final Fantasy VII Remake, is penning new story elements surrounding the origins of SOLDIER.

The demake is currently in development and is slated for release in 2022, will be available as free downloads with in-app purchases for iOS and Android devices.


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