Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary

Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Broadcast Set For Next Week

Square Enix is hosting a Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary broadcast next week and is inviting everyone to tune in for a 10-minute stream filled with news.

While it isn’t a full-fledged live stream, Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura say it’ll only be around 10 minutes, “short and sweet, but we have packed in lots of information, so I hope everyone can look forward to the unveiling,” so don’t set your expectations to be extremely high.

The publisher hasn’t said what fans can expect to see but speculation online seems to be everyone wants an update on Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. There are several projects in the works including Final Fantasy: The First Soldier recently launching Season 3 of the mobile battle royale title, Ever Crisis, a mobile retelling of Final Fantasy VII.

Of course, I expect to see merchandise as well given the recent Uniqlo x Final Fantasy crossover.

The event will happen on Square Enix’s YouTube and Twitch channels and we’ll report back once we see what’s unveiled.