Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series Launches On April 19

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series is arriving in two weeks on April 19, bringing with it the first six games in one compilation for both the Switch and PlayStation 4.

If you’re not looking to grab the entire bundle then fret not as you can pick up Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI separately, these titles will also be available à la carte.


On the Nintendo eShop, pre-orders have gone live but no word yet on when PlayStation will add the listings. The prices below are in USD and CAD:

A physical bundle was announced last year and it sold out quickly with a release date of May 31, 2023. There is currently a waitlist if you wish to purchase the Anniversary Edition. I know I’ve been looking for a copy for ages after missing out and how could you not want the Anniversary Edition?


The Pixel Remaster series features newly orchestrated arrangments for Final Fantasy I – VI with the originals available so you swap between them. Additionally, the choice to swap between the default font and a new pixel-based font is available.

My personal favourite addition though is the ability to turn off random encounters completely. The older Final Fantasy games are notorious for their high encounter rates and it is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t gone back to these games in years.

Square Enis also added an experience booster so you can gain experience up to four times faster for speed runs.