Final Fantasy VII Tifa

Someone Played Final Fantasy Content at the Italian Senate

We’ve all been on a Zoom call where something unexpected happens, usually something cute or funny but if you happened to be at the Italian senate this week, you may have seen some hentai. Now, technology is perfect — far from it in fact, but something of this calibre is hard not to discuss when it happens in such a place as a government building.

The Italian Senate had held a three-hour meeting to discuss data transparency and those in attendance received a whole lot more than transparency. Someone ended up playing a video of Tifa Lockhart doing the deed while the Zoom call was active. Hentai has a time and place but I don’t think it belongs on a call with Giorgio Parisi, a Noble Prize winner in physics.

The meeting was held by Senator Maria Laura Mantovani, and things went off without a hitch. Within a half-hour, Parisi was scheduled to speak to those joining the call, however, things did not go according to schedule as the stream was hijacked and the hentai porn involving Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII instead came on the screen. The clip was posted but it was edited before being published online and is available as a VOD.

Making things worse (or funny depending on who you ask), the entire fiasco was broadcast on Senato TV, the Italian C-PAN, leading to the entire thing being broadcast on television. Many are saying hackers were at fault for this situation but as of this posting that hasn’t been confirmed.