Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Square Enix Is Looking To Further Expand Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Queen Blood Minigame

Speaking to Red Bull this week, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth‘s director Naoki Hamaguchi spoke about the lasting legacy behind the original Final Fantasy 7 and why he believes it still resonates with so many people nearly thirty years later.

Hamaguchi believes the themes of life and death, along with the setting, were rare for video games at the time and that resonated with a lot of people then. The director elaborates that Final Fantasy 7 launched during the 2D to 3D transition period and made the experience more memorable. The shift to 3D graphics was a huge selling point, and the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7‘s spin-offs helped more people discover the entry.

What stands out about the interview with Red Bull, though, is the section about the in-game card game Queen’s Blood.

“There are 145 cards in total. We haven’t decided anything in terms of future development for Queen’s Blood, but so far, the media who played it have provided very positive feedback on it, so we want to consider further expansions as a possibility,” says Hamaguchi.

Queen’s Blood is one of the best card games I’ve ever played, and it has consumed a large chunk of my playtime while reviewing Rebirth and long after. There are no plans to expand on Queen’s Blood, but there is consideration of adding new cards.

Previously, Hamaguchi said Marvel Snap and Gwent helped influence the development and had several paper prototypes on the go before a 3D-printed model was created. The developers even used Splatoon as a model for the rules of Queen’s Blood.

Many people playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth have fallen in love with Queen’s Blood. If social media is anything to go by, a standalone title would be more than welcome by fans worldwide.