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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Latest Trailer Is Filled With Sizzle

Square Enix’s ramping up for next month’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launch with its latest Destined for Rebirth trailer.

All the latest Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth details

A new Square Enix Blog post includes locations like Starboard Junon, the “urban residential zone within the fortified metropolis overlooking the ocean.” This area is where much of Shinra’s personnel are housed alongside boutiques and restaurants.


We also look at the Shinra-8, a cruise ship that ferries visitors between the eastern and western continents. You can hitch a ride to Costa del Sol from Junon.

The ship hosts a Queen’s Blood tournament as part of the on-board entertainment.

The blog also reveals a new rendering of Cait Sith and Moogle. The duo excels at support and buffs, so consider them when you’re in a pinch and need some luck.

Cait Sith darts across the battlefield with agility, many of his moves relying on luck. He can also call in his Moogle in a pinch with “Let’s Ride!”

While riding his moogle, Cait Sith can give enemies the boot with Dropkick.

Once his moogle’s attacks have filled the Moogle Meter, he can also buff his companions with abilities like “Defense!”

Additionally, Cait Sith has a Synergy attack with Yuffie called the Moogle Pinwheel as they attack enemies in tandem. It would be best if you filled the synergy gauge using abilities, then unleash a synchronized assault.


A new screenshot for Elena, a rookie Turk, indicates she prefers brawling with her fists. She’s partnered with Rude as they hunt down black-robed figures, with her wish to be partnered with Tseng.


Next, the new character, Captain Titov, is revealed. He is responsible for ensuring passengers are safe on the Shinra-8 and has a reputation for being devoted to his duties.


Yuffie’s weapon in battle is a giant throwing star, and her speed in battle is unrivalled. She can build pressure against enemies from a distance. Yuffie can also use Ninjutsu and various elemental skills to target enemy weaknesses.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launches on PlayStation 5 on February 29. 2024.