Vincent Valentine Matthew Mercer

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth NYCC Panel Confirms Vincent Valentine Voice Actor

This week was  New York Comic Con 2023, and Square Enix was in attendance with next year’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s voice cast. At a panel hosted by Matthew Mercer, we learned some insight about the cast in attendance, like Mercer confirming he was playing fan-favourite Vincent Valentine.

Last month, we had several in-depth trailers showcase details and locations you’ll explore in February, including Junon and its outskirts, the Gold Saucer, and more. We also saw combat and how it has changed since Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with a particular focus on synergy attacks and new ways to defend against enemies. We also saw several chocobo breeds that allow Cloud and the party to climb, glide, and sprint across the open world.

Regarding Matthew Mercer, he previously voiced several characters in Remake, including Wall Market Thug. In this weekend’s panel from NYCC, Mercer announced he had auditioned for Vincent Valentine and hadn’t heard back for several months. He was then trolled by being offered minor NPC voice roles again before he realized it was a prank by the producers and that he had been cast as Vincent Valentine.

Final Fantasy 7Rebirth releases on February 29, 2024, for PlayStation 5.