Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Include New Characters, High Degree Of Freedom

Another developer comment regarding Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has made its way online this morning (it seems likely we’re going for seven updates?), revealing hints on what to expect regarding the follow-up to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

On the official Twitter account for Final Fantasy 7 battle director Teruki Endo answers, “Has the battle system changed from Final Fantasy V7 Remake?” His response is simple and short, ” In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, new comrades will join you in battle and you can cooperate with other party members in even closer ways than before.”

The answer has raised several questions regarding who the new comrades are and whether they are part of the established party, including Cid, Yuffie, Vincent, Red XIII, and Cait Sith. Fans have already begun assembling their dream party. While the answers aren’t all that surprising (Vincent is generally the most requested), indicating new members are joining lets me assume we’ll get temporary members like Sonon. For those who missed out on Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade, Sonon was a member of the Wutai resistance who joined Yuffie in Midgar.

The two worked their way through the slums and eventually other sectors within Midgar and even introduced the Synergy mechanic— a way to attack enemies simultaneously. The answer from Teruki Endo seemingly indicates Synergy attacks are returning, so we’ll likely see several iterations of character team-ups in battle.

Given the circumstances and what we’ve witnessed so far in Remake, I guess we’ll see Zack team up with other characters. Either way, Square Enix promises “players will be able to journey across the wide and multifaceted world with a high degree of freedom.” Additionally, “players will be able to journey across the wide and multifaceted world with a high degree of freedom, experiencing a myriad of different stories,” director Naoki Hamaguchi said.