Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16’s Trophy List Has Arrived

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 is just days away, and we’ve finally got an idea of the trophies you’ll unlock when June 22 rolls around, thanks to PowerPyx.

Some of these trophies are story-related, others focus on gameplay and in total, there are 50 trophies to unlock.

Out of the 50 total trophies, there are 40 bronze trophies, six silver trophies, three gold trophies, and one platinum trophy to earn. From a glance at the Final Fantasy 16 trophy list, roughly 12 are story-related while the others focus on gameplay achievements.

The Chronicler (Platinum)And thus did our journey end…
Awoken (Bronze)Rise from your reverie.
With Great Power (Bronze)Inherit a power unknown.
Acceptance (Bronze)Accept your fate.
Lawless (Bronze)Defy your fate.
Legacy (Bronze)Turn the corner.
Twilight Rose (Bronze)Revisit the past.
From Stone to Sand (Bronze)Exact revenge.
Twin Flames (Bronze)Unite the flames.
The Promise (Bronze)Become one.
A Vessel Complete (Bronze)Collect the final piece.
Ashes to Ashes (Bronze)Escape the Darkness.
Falling Star (Gold)Fulfill a legacy.
Punisher (Bronze)Punish 10 enemies (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
You’re Not the Boss of Me (Bronze)Defeat a boss without taking damage.
Made to Be Broken (Bronze)Defeat 20 enemies while semi-primed (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
It’s Over 50,000 (Silver)Deal an enemy 50,000 damage while it is staggered (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue and while fully primed as Ifrit).
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeift (Bronze)Land 15 Shift Strikes or Shift Shots combined (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Packing Heat (Bronze)Execute and land 2 Heatwave Counters in a single battle (excluding those in Hall of Virtue).
Fatal Attraction (Bronze)Defeat 5 enemies in the air after using Deadly Embrace (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Never Coming Down (Bronze)Land Gouge, Wicked Wheel, and Rook’s Gambit in midair before landing (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
I Am the Thunder (Bronze)Discharge 50 Blind Justice lightning balls (excluding battles in the Hall of Virtue).
Road to Redemption (Bronze)Lure an enemy into striking a Lightning Rod 3 times before it dissipates (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Untouchable (Bronze)Land Titanic Block to fend off 10 enemy attacks (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Beat Rocking Blocks (Bronze)Land the third punch of a Titanic Counter twice in a single battle (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
100 Mfps (Bronze)Land 100 total hits with Lv. 2 or higher Megaflare (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Such Dodge, So Mega (Bronze)Execute a Precision Dodge 3 times while charging a single Megaflare (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Oh, Snap! (Bronze)Inflict Permafrost on 10 enemies by perfectly dodging attacks with Cold Snap (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Cold-blooded (Bronze)Simultaneously defeat three or more enemies frozen using Frostbite, Permafrost, or Diamond Dust (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Every Damn Sinew (Bronze)Land a Lv. 2 or higher Zantetsuken five times (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Fistful of Steel (Bronze)Execute 3 Steel Counters in a single battle (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
Yes, Eikon (Bronze)Master all of a single Eikon’s abilities and feats.
Masterclass (Gold)Upgrade all feats and abilities to their maximum.
With Two Ds (Bronze)Upgrade consumable potency and inventory slots to their maximum.
And They Opened Up My Mind (Silver)Collect six signboards.
Think, Mark! (Bronze)Defeat 10 notorious marks.
Hunter, Hunted (Silver)Clear the Hunt Board.
Trial Run (Bronze)Complete a chronolith trial.
For the Hoard (Silver)Obtain all curiosities.
Dressed to the Fives (Bronze)Craft or upgrade 5 pieces of gear.
Half Past Twilight (Silver)Craft the legendary sword Gotterdammerung.
The Pen is Mightier (Bronze)Open 10 letters at the reading table.
The More You Know (Bronze)Help Harpocrates attain a knowledge level of 5.
Careful Whisper (Silver)Obtain all available items from your patrons.
You Can Pet the Dog (Bronze)Pet Torgal 5 times.
A Fine Hound (Bronze)Execute and land 5 Precision Sics (excluding battles in Hall of Virtue).
When You Ride Alone (Bronze)Ride Ambrosia for the first time.
Here Be Rosfields (Bronze)Visit all areas on the world and local maps.
Eureka (Bronze)Spend 36,000 gil at the Tub & Crown.
Fantasy, Finally (Gold)Complete the game on “Final Fantasy” mode.

Final Fantasy 16 is a major departure from the series as it is the first entry that heavily focuses on action gameplay over the traditional turn-based combat the series has been known for.

Starring Clive Rosfield and set in the world of Valisthea, our hero serves as his brother Joshua’s First Shield of Rosaria, the Dominant Phoenix. Clive faces personal tragedy in an ensuing battle and must pursue those who have wronged his family.

With Ryota Suzuki serving as the combat director, gameplay pulls inspiration from Devil May CryIn a recent celebration of the launch of Final Fantasy 16, Suzuki stated his work on the project was a ‘personal masterpiece.’

Final Fantasy 16 is launching exclusively for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.