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Final Fantasy 16 Shipped Three Million Copies In Less Than a Week

Final Fantasy 16 launched this past Friday, and the game’s sales are already in; Square Enix announced on Twitter that its 16th main Final Fantasy entry shipped and digitally sold three million copies in five days.

While this number is below the series’s best-selling debut in Final Fantasy 15 at a staggering 5 million shipped figure and even Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s 3.5 million launch figure, some caveats make Final Fantasy 16‘s sales figure truly impressive. For one, Final Fantasy 16 was released on only one platform – the PS5, and Final Fantasy 15, which was initially launched on two platforms in late 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One, had much more of an install base to work with comparatively but similarly, Square Enix launched both games about three years into the life cycle of their respected platforms.

For Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there are also some similarities as the game also released on the PS4 only at launch, but that was in 2020 at a time late in the console’s life cycle with over 100 million consoles out in the wild and during the early days of the pandemic too. Final Fantasy 16 was able to garner the 3 million figure for a platform that’s not even officially with a userbase over 40 million, plus the game was M-rated, which would cut them off a bit from their usual T-rated audience from enjoying the game.

Knowing all that, the figure looks like an excellent debut for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise – it will be interesting to see how the game looks whenever / if it ever jumps to PC or Xbox consoles.

Final Fantasy 16 is available and launched exclusively on PS5 on June 22nd.