Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16 Brought In New And Young Players

Speaking to Push Square, Takeo Kujiraoka, Director of Final Fantasy 16’s DLC, revealed that the latest numbered entry has hit more people, including younger players. Square had hoped for this as most people who play Final Fantasy were veterans and familiar with the series.

The highlighted quote is below:

In recent years, players of the Final Fantasy series have tended to skew towards a higher age range. However, this time there are survey results showing that more people in their teens and 20s played Final Fantasy 16. I think this shows that, to a certain extent, we’ve achieved one of our initial goals – to have players of all ages play the latest Final Fantasy game.

This doesn’t mean that all future Final Fantasy games will take a similar direction to Final Fantasy 16, but I do think it means that we’ve been able to bring new players on board and open new possibilities for the development teams that will work on future instalments in the series.

Kujiraoka also mentions that while Final Fantasy 16 took a specific path, he doesn’t expect future titles to do the same. The hope of continuing to add young fans and new players is one of the possibilities for developing future titles.

The second and final Final Fantasy 16i expansion, Rising Tide, will be released on Thursday, April 18. Players can purchase it for $20 or acquire it through the Season Pass, including the previous DLC, Echoes of the Fallen, for $25.

The Rising Tide will transport players to the previously undiscovered land of Mysidia, located in the northern region of the game’s map. Mysidia has managed to remain untouched by the Blight, the game’s all-consuming plague, and still boasts a beautiful blue sky, which is a welcome change after the muted colours the closing chapters featured.