Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail Announced, Out Next Summer

Revealed during today’s Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest 2023, director Naoki Yoshida presented the newest expansion Dawntrail, coinciding with update 7.0 next summer. In addition, a new trailer for the update was shown to fans in Las Vegas.

On stage, Yoshida said that he wanted to do something different following Endwalker. After introducing Dawntrail, he said that “What we want to bring to all you Warriors of Light is the very best summer vacation a hero could possibly have.”

Dawntrail’s Going Big With Update 7.0

This adventure sees your character head to Tural along with the Scions to choose a new ruler. Alongside Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Erenville, the Warrior of Light embarks on a journey that may lead to a fabled city of gold. However, this journey will see the Scions divided.

In addition to the New World,Tural and its capital, Tuliyollal, there will be new area, including the mountainous Urqopacha and forest of Yak T’el. The nation’s ruler is Gulool Ja Ja, a two-headed mamool ja.


There will be new allied Tribes, including the Pelupelu, a tribe found in Final Fantasy X wearing distinctive masks and living in Urqopacha. The level cap moves from 90 to 100.


Yoshida says there will be multiple new jobs and core battle content, including FATEs, Hunts, Treasure Hunts and Sidequests.


Additional new dungeons are coming, and new threats, including the Valigarmanda.

Duty Support Updates and New Gear and Recipes will come with Update 7.0.

If you want to focus on lifestyle content, expect more of that with the update.


New Variant Dungeons, Alliance Raid, 8-Player Raid, and Ultimate Raid will also be available with new PvP content.

Ongoing Content Updates, including a Blue Mage Update, Inconceivably Further Hildibrand Adventures, New Plans for Deep Dungeons and a Gold Saucer Update.

Dawntrail also introduces the game’s first graphical update for characters and world visuals, including improved screen-wide aesthetic appeal, higher resolution textures and shadows, and improved material qualities.


The Final Fantasy 14 Online Free Trial is also expanding with Patch 6.5. When it goes live, the Even Further Expanded Free Trial adds all content from Stormblood and updates through Patch 4.58, including the Red Mage and Samurai jobs. You can play and cap at level 70 with no playtime limits.

Lastly, Phil Spencer joined the team to confirm Final Fantasy 14 is coming to Xbox Series consoles beginning in Spring 2024 with an open beta starting with Patch 6.5x.