Deliver Us Mars

Frontier Reveals Final Dev Diary For Upcoming Cinematic Game Deliver Us Mars

Space opera adventure Deliver Us Mars has received its last developer diary.

The close to four-minute experience titled “A Family Divided” features members of Developer KeokeN Interactive and producer Frontier discussing the Johanson family. They serve as the main characters of this story. They’ve joined a mission to Mars to help save Earth, but player character Kathy Johanson has a lot to go through with her family and others on the Zephyr space shuttle.

It’s clear throughout this diary that family is central to this story but won’t always be rosy, especially regarding Kathy’s relationship with her older sister, Claire. The latter seems to disagree with a decision made by the girls’ father, Isaac, who has abandoned them.

Despite daddy disagreements, both sisters have the same goal: to bring home the ARKs, enormous spaceships capable of reversing the Earth’s climate change-induced environmental decline.

Their relationship forms just one plotline within Deliver Us Mars’ rich and complex narrative, which firmly builds on KeokeN Interactive’s work on Deliver Us The Moon, the first game in this series. 

Deliver Us Mars launches on February 2nd on home consoles, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.