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The Final Campaign For Left4Dead Was Released Today


Turtle Rock Studio’s, following up on their announcement last week, has released their final campaign for fan-favorite zombie co-op shooter, Left4Dead.

The campaign, ‘Dam It’ is available to play now, although it is incomplete. According to Turtle Rock Studios, ‘Dam It’ is the “last Left4Dead campaign that was never finished, along with a couple survival maps that never shipped. Dam It stitches Dead Air and Blood Harvest together,”. Although it is incomplete, the campaign can be played from beginning to end.

The final campaign is not without it’s issues tho. Some of the problems players may encounter include:

  • Fire, smoke and explosions do not trigger panic events in the hangars.
  • Zombies do not crawl all the time in the orchard.
  • Farm house mob does not spawn in the far side of the woods.
  • Covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
  • Burned forest area is missing wandering fires.

Unfortunately for console players, ‘Dam It’ will only be available on the PC.