Fight To The Beat In Soundfall

Drastic Games started their Fig campaign with the hope of having Soundfall funded before the thirty days were up, but they never expected it to be fully funded within less than 24 hours. It is currently sitting at around 137% of the goal and it continues to grow. Players should go and pledge their support, if not immediately, then perhaps after reading the information here.

Soundfall is an audio-driven dungeon crawler that is procedurally generated to music. Music is at the heart of Soundfall as timing your actions to the beat will super charge your attacks while on your adventure through the world of Symphonia as one of three characters. You are able to play solo, or play with up to three friends in couch co-op or online.

Music plays an enormous role is shaping the world you explore. The song you choose drives key factors, like a dungeon’s shape, length, and layout. Because Soundfall creates an unique environment based on the song you play, all sorts of factors like how fast a track is, or how loud the bass is, effect the final look and feel of a level. The result is a digital world turned music visualizer, a 3D manifestation of the music you’ve selected just waiting to be explored.

The music system works as follows: You pick a song, which is analyzed by the Soundfall audio analysis system and then Soundfall crafts a dungeon with the information. The length of the song, the beat, bass, and treble all factor in to creating a specific dungeon to each characteristic.

I backed this project as soon as it went live. Have a look at the trailer to see, and hear, the gameplay in all its glory. Turn your speakers up! Enjoy.

You can support them on Fig HERE.